NEW  Hydrodermabrasion is the latest innovative skincare treatment that is a crystal free, diamond tip microdermabrasion and incorporates skin exfoliating solutions, oxygen infusion of serums and cryotherapy skin firming. Combining both a chemical and mechanical exfoliation, this process breaks up the outer layer of skin to reveal a smoother, more even texture. It's a gentle, relaxing procedure. Skin may be slightly pink afterwards, but, it quickly subsides. It is good for all skin types. Common skin conditions for hydrodermabrasion include:

                                             Fine lines and wrinkles         Coarse or thickened skin
                                             Sun damage                         Congested, acne prone skin
                                             Refines pore size                  Reduces appearance of scar tissue

Usually, a series of treatments are recommended for optimal results. There is no downtime. You may return to normal activities immediately.

​Hydrodermabrasion Facial 
Includes a double cleanse with an ultrasonic skin scrubber, customized exfoliating solution, diamond tip microdermabrasion, oxygen infused skin specific serum, cryotherapy skin firming, moisturizer and sunscreen.

Single Treatment   $120
Package of 2-4         100 ea.*
Package of 5+            90 ea.*

Hydrodermabrasion Express
Also called the " Lunchtime Express". It is a shorter version including cleansing, hydrodermabrasion of the face, hydration and sunscreen.  

  Single Treatment  $80
  Package of 2-4       70 ea.*
  Package of 5+        60 ea.*

 Add the Neck        $20
 Add Decollete         30

Combo Package
   2 Hydrodermabrasion Facials plus 
     4 Hydrodermabrasion Expresses-    
          $420 ( A 25% Savings) *
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